Max Vogel, a talented country artist hailing from Lodi, California, has had music in his veins since he first picked up a guitar in eighth grade. With guitar and vocals as his main instruments, Max's musical journey spans over two decades, during which he has developed his skills and crafted heartfelt songs. While country, folk, and rock are his favorite genres, Max finds inspiration in various musical styles, influenced by artists like James Taylor, Tom Petty, Chris Stapleton, Garth Brook, The Traveling Wilburys, Eric Church, Zac Brown Band and the list goes on. 

In addition to his musical pursuits, Max Vogel works for a wine and spirits brokerage company. He values hard work and believes in the power of connecting with others, both through his profession and his music. Max cherishes the joy and sense of belonging that music brings, and he strives to create music that resonates with the lives of his listeners, just as his musical idols have shaped his own journey. 

With heartfelt lyrics, a passion for his craft, and a genuine desire to connect with his fans, Max Vogel is carving his path in the country music scene. As he continues to make his mark, Max leaves an indelible impact on those who listen to his songs, bringing together his love for country music and his commitment to serving others in his community.